So I’ve been asked to design a couple of wedding invitation packages for couple of my friends who are getting married soon!

My dear friend, Emily wanted one of her engagement pictures (which I also photographed on the very day she got engaged by the way 😉 ) to be the actual invite! At first, her invitations were going to be one of her DIY projects to save money…but when I saw what she came up with and being the graphic design student and close friend to her that I am, I was overcome with strong sense of urgency to intervene.

Immediately I went to work, sprinkled some design magic, finessing type and the whole time she was sitting next to me, she couldn’t stop snapping pictures of the invitation and texting them to her fiancé, Tavo. The look of this invitation was Emily’s little fantasy world in Pinterest brought to real life. Exactly what she secretly dreamed invitations would look like, the “at the altar” photo, calligraphy swirls, white type, and all. 😀

“You’re like my fairy god-mother waving your wand around and making my wedding better all the time!” -Emily

“Wow, phenomenal.” -Tavo

If you’re interested in having me design your invitations, contact me and let’s talk about it! I super, duper, absolutely LOVE being a part of wedding things like this! From engagements, designing your invitation package, to photographing your big day, I’m your one stop gal!



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